BCCM/IHEM Fungi Collection: Human & Animal Health price list

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Non-Profit Profit

Supply samples from public collection

10% discount on orders of 10 or more items


Fungi / yeasts

84,00 127,00

Selected Test, Control and Bioassay strains

62,00 94,00

Selected strains for teaching purposes (Belgium only)

40,00 40,00

Lab fee (for supplying an active culture)

16,00 16,00

Genomic DNA (2.5 µg)

146,00 208,00

Arrayed Sets

Teaching set "Morphology" (24 strains)

515,00 515,00

Teaching set "Clinical" FULL (48 strains)

980,00 980,00

Teaching set "Clinical" MOULDS ONLY (24 strains)

515,00 515,00

Teaching set "Clinical" YEASTS ONLY (12 strains)

260,00 260,00

Teaching set "Clinical" DERMATOPHYTES ONLY (12 strains)

260,00 260,00

Validation set (custom, price depending on the amount of ordered strains)

36,00 - 52,00 62,00 - 77,00

Public deposit

Deposit of strain in the public collection

No charges No charges

Safe deposit

Viability and purity check, preservation and the first year of safe-keeping

220,00 220,00

Annual maintenance fee, incl. one yearly viability test, its report, and forwarding the subculture if requested (mailing costs not included)

74,00 74,00

Release of a sample(1)

60,00 60,00

Preparation of a new batch of samples for long-term storage(2)

173,00 173,00

Patent deposits (Budapest Treaty)


665,00 665,00

Viability statement with test performed

60,00 60,00

Viability statement without test performed

25,00 25,00

Supply of a sample

120,00 120,00

Communication of information on the most recent scientific description

25,00 25,00

Delivery of attestation on later indication or amendment of the scientific description

25,00 25,00

Prolongation of contract with 1 year

50,00 50,00


Freeze drying of cultures

10 ampoules

113,00 113,00

20 ampoules

183,00 183,00

Strain isolation from mixed cultures

Visual morphotype analysis

65,00 65,00

Strain isolation (colony picking) for further analysis

15,00 15,00

Strain isolation from complex matrices

Sample treatment (homogenization, ...)

58,00 58,00

Strain isolation (colony picking) for further analysis

15,00 15,00

Microbial counting

143,00 143,00

Genomic DNA extraction

DNA extraction only

62,00 62,00

Genomic DNA for NGS applications

On request On request

Identification of pure cultures

MALDI-TOF MS identification of filamentous fungi

80,00 80,00

MALDI-TOF MS identification of yeasts

80,00 80,00

Identification by DNA sequencing

First gene

128,00 128,00

Each additional gene

35,00 35,00

Typing and assays


Additional species information

30,00 30,00

Molecular strain typing (RAPD): 

First 2 strains

173,00 173,00

Each additional strain

58,00 58,00

Antifungal susceptibility testing

162,00 162,00

Physiological characterisation of yeasts

65,00 65,00

Bench fee

On request On request

Culture media (per test tube containing 5 ml medium)

8,00 8,00


Course « Fungi of the indoor and outdoor human environment » (1 week)

1100,00 1100,00

Course « Fungi from the veterinary practice »

On request On request

Course « Identification of fungi using MALDI-TOF MS »

380,00 380,00

Course « Laboratory practice in mycology »

On request On request


On request On request

Packing and shipping fee

Depending on destination and weight


(1)Only to the depositor or to third parties with the depositor's written authorisation.

(2)A new batch for long term storage is prepared when necessary, for example when the batch is depleted.



Ordering information and material transfer agreement

How to submit an order

  • by mail:

    Dr. Dirk Stubbe
    Mycology Section
    Rue J. Wytsmanstraat 14
    B-1050 Brussels

  • by phone a: +32-(0)2-642.55.18
  • by
  • on-line b: shopping cart

All orders by telephone must be followed by a written confirmation (mail, e-mail, on-line).

Only possible if you have a BCCM/IHEM customer number, which will be allocated to your company/laboratory after your first order.

Specifications to be mentioned in the order form/letter for sample supply

For strains from the public collection, please specify:

  • the exact identification of the requested materials (name and IHEM accession number);
  • the form of supply: freeze-dried, active, genomic DNA;
  • the invoice address if different from the shipping address;
  • in case of payment by credit card: name of credit card holder, credit card number, expiry date.
  • a confirmation that the persons responsible for handling the biological material have read and agree to the conditions stated in the BCCM Material Transfer Agreement.